Press Release:- Results of the 6th Edition of Malta International Singer’s Festival – Euro Stars

Press Release:- Results of the 6th Edition of Malta International Singer’s Festival – Euro Stars

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The Sixth Edition of Festival Malta International Singer’s Festival was held lately.  Singers from 14 countries participated in this festival from various countries.  These were from Malta, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Svizzera, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Svezia, Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

All participants went on a cultural visit which included karaoke party, opening ceremony, festival and a gala night.

The following are all the results:-

First Category-8 years to 9 years Future Star Award: Raya Petkova

Bulgaria Diploma Award-Quivan Agius-Malta-Aleksandra Atanasova-Bulgaria, elisa Muscat-Malta, Emma Cutajar-Malta Third Place-Maxim Yalnazov-Bulgaria

Second Place-Tre Bambole Malta

First Place-Giorgia Borg-Malta

Second Category - 10 to 11 years Future Star-Magdalena Rogic-Croatia

Diploma Award: Luana Schembri-Malta and Estella Mercieca-Malta

Third Place: Martina Cutajar-Malta

Second Place: Martina Galea Loffreda-Malta

First Place: Flora Nejad Tabatabai - Hungary

Third Category - 12 years Future Star-Demi Galea-Malta

Diploma Award:Shazay Grima-Malta, Azzura Barberio-Italy, Elisa Bruci-Kosovo

Third Place: Patrisija Simeonova-Bulgaria

Second Place: Vesta Barasaite-Lithuania First Place:Martyna Zygadlo-Poland

Fourth Category-13 years Future Star: Ilenia Mazza-Italy

Diploma Award:Milena Bianco-Malta

Third Place: Kayley Cuschieri-Malta

Second Place: Nicole Frendo-Malta

First Place: Martina Micallef-Malta Best Artistic Junior Presentation-Kieran Agius-Malta

Junior Star of the Festival-Nicole Hammett-Malta Junior Grand Prix -Gala Boteva-Bulgaria

Fifth Category-14 years Future Star-Sarah Ann Cassar-Malta

Diploma Award: Cosmin Andrian-Romania,Grete Eitmantyte-Lithuania and Patricija Ksenija Cuprijanovica-Latvia Third Place:Reanue Falzon-Malta Second Place:Simona Zaharieva-Bulgaria First Place:Greta Zabielaite-Lithuania

Sixth Category-15 to 16 years Future Star- Viorela Stoian-Romania

Diploma Award:Sara Dall' Olio-Italy, Arianna Mallia, Ksenia Greben-Russia Third Place:Vanina Kalapsasova-Bulgaria Second Place:Desislava Arnaudrova-Bulgaria First Place:Trayana Tzankova-Bulgaria

Seventh Category-17 years and over Future Star: Erica Lo Presti-Italy

Diploma Award:Asen Vladimirov-Bulgaria, Diandra Mifsud-Malta,Malomir Inghilizov

Third Place: Krystian Kubowicz-Poland

Second Place: Agne Michelenevaite - Lithuania

First Place: Neringa Slaudikyte-Lithuania

Best Artistic Presentation-Arianna Mallia-Malta Wafa Award-Celine Schmid-Switzerland

Star of the Festival-Courtney Camilleri-Malta

Grand Prix - Agata Buczowska - Poland


For the first time in an International Singers Festival, the singers were given the individual voting sheets with the points and comments of each jury member.

The participants of this festival have been selected to participate in festivals abroad - most of them with free accommodation and food.

The Festival was presented by Rawanne Ramadan and Francesca Zarb.  The festival included entertainment by Paul Curmi Dancers, Destiny Chukunyere, Thea Aquilina, Antonia Markova (Grand Prix Winner 2015) and Romanian teenage sensation Rawanne.

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